Wedding Dresses: The Vogue Paris Pick for 2014

Whether you’re planning a wedding or simply love lace as much as we do, look to Vogue Paris‘ new weddings channel to see the trends for 2014, a year that puts the bride before the dress. Break all the rules and throw out that meringue dress, with the help of our four favorite designers, Celestina AgostinoLaure de SagazanDelphine Manivet and Elise Hameau.

All of our designers agree on one thing: next year, wedding dresses will be all about reflecting the bride’s individual style, with no need to cater to tradition. In the words of Laure de Sagazanwedding dresses no longer need to be “worn just once and then left in the loft”, so forget highly structured corsets and cumbersome layers of taffeta, 2014’s brides will be wearing everything from short skirts to lace tops for their trips down the aisle.

We’re sure you’re only planning on only be getting married once, so how do you go about choosing the all-important dress? Follow Celestina Agostino‘s advice, and “choose your wedding dress like you chose your fiancé”, to find the dress that’s right for you. Luckily, all four of our designers offer personalised service in their Paris boutiques, providing one-on-one consultations to match the bride-to-be with the dress of their dreams, and lend a helping hand every step of the way to create a dress as unique as the bride wearing it.

If you’re casting around for inspiration, try the elegant, romantic pieces from our designers’ vintage inspired collections. We love the 1920s style dropped waists and high, modest necklines that bring subdued sensuality to the modern day. Elise Hameau notes that the backs of dresses are attracting more and more attention, receiving elaborate make-overs, while Delphine Manivet sees a trend towards winter weddings and varied fabrics, even going as far as faux fur. Of course, delicate lace and smooth silk are still firm favorites, whether for retro styles or modern gowns, but don’t be afraid to break away from tradition to follow your heart. Now, take a look at what our favourite wedding dress designers have to offer.


Celestina Agostino, 2014 Bridal Collection.
“I don’t start with the dress, I start with the bride. I get to know her and create a style that I think works with her personality, that I go on to work into a gown.”


Laure de SagazanDickens dress.
“I have clients who choose to keep personal touches for the wedding day, whether it’s a bracelet they never take off, or a pair of their favorite heels. People are more deeply moved by seeing someone they know at the altar, not someone entirely made up as a bride.”


Delphine Manivet,  Anguerrand dress.
“I’m not very casual, I like to work on fleeting moments, whether it’s a wedding or a red carpet. These occasions are very short-lived, but they are milestones in our lives.”


Elise HameauOlympe & Madeleine dress.
“It’s about finding a compromise between designing to suit a bride’s personal style and what will fit her perfectly.”

Originally posted on the Vogue Paris Huffington Post blog here.


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